Hackers & Painters, Open Source Projects, NFTs, and Simplified Harberger Tax

  1. People assess value of their asset and pay tax based on their own assessment
  2. Anyone can buy a property at the assessed price from its owner, forcing a sale
  1. Every project can issue a unique non-fungible token, with an initial price. The address that minted the token becomes the first owner of the token.
  2. Anyone can buy the token from a previous owner based on his/her own assessment of the asset, as long as the price is set higher than the previous price.
  3. A tax will be imposed on the capital gains of the sale. For example, if an OSS / BUIDL NFT is sold at 20 $DORA and the previous sale was at 10 $DORA, then a 20% of tax means 2 $DORA will be distributed to the project owner, and 18 $DORA will be distributed to the previous owner.
  1. Any currency can be used to price the token.
  2. Add a fee to each sale to avoid small-amount attack to the system (e.g. add 0.000001 $DORA and the ownership is transferred).
  3. Add a message to each NFT and refer to its HackerLink BUIDL ID and GitHub repo link.



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Architect of Dora Factory, DoraHacks, HackerLink.io/en.